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〜Know your real character from the signs hidden within your brain!〜USA USA
The right and left side ?
●What's UNO ? ●What's SANO? ●Input Brain ●Output Brain
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How to use the U・SA U・SA diagnosis tool
STEP1 The action of crossing your fingers uses the input section of your brain. Hold your hands together and overlap your thumbs as shown in the diagram. STEP2 The action of crossing your arms is controlled by the output portion of your brain. Fold your arms one over the other as shown in the picture.
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In total there are 8 character types
So what has your brain told us about you so far?
Understanding how your brain works, and using that information to create a completely new way to diagnose your own character and compatibility with your surroundings.Simply by crossing your arms you can begin to understand your character and some of your common traits.
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